The next generation of alternatives investing is here

Allocate serves as the bridge to the innovation economy by allowing you to confidently and efficiently offer clients access to top venture capital opportunities

Why Allocate?

Over the last ten years, the conventional 60/40 portfolios have given way to portfolios incorporating private alternatives, aiming to mitigate portfolio volatility while enhancing potential returns.

During this timeframe, venture capital has witnessed a significant surge in engagement from family offices and high-net-worth investors, who seek to participate in the growing innovation economy. A recent study revealed that 90% of family offices plan to maintain or increase their venture capital allocations moving forward.

However, venture capital remains a very difficult category to do correctly as access, diligence, and proper portfolio construction are needed to achieve the returns necessary to account for illiquidity.

Allocate serves as your reliable ally in accessing venture capital, empowering you to confidently provide clients with one of the most rapidly expanding asset categories, while allowing you to differentiate as an advisor. Our software platform, along with our team of venture capital experts, is committed to assisting you in presenting clients with a distinct opportunity to engage in the innovation economy.

How It Works

Discovery call

The first step in our engagement process is a discovery call to understand the needs of your firm and your clients. During this call, we will also provide a brief overview of our platform and how we can support your firm.


Once you decide to partner with Allocate, our team will guide you through the onboarding process. This involves setting up your account, training you and your team on the platform, and providing ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition.

ongoing support

We understand that the investment landscape is constantly evolving, which is why we provide ongoing support to ensure you are provided with the latest insights, trends, and data so that you can responsibly and consistently incorporate venture capital to your offering.

Solutions for RIAs & Private Banks

Offerings Platform

Our offerings platform delivers high-quality and carefully vetted investment opportunities to advisors. It provides a seamless method to expand your opportunities network and eliminates obstacles to investing in high-quality private funds and co-investments.

Diligence & Analytics

Our diligence & analytics solution is engineered to save you time while enhancing transparency for the funds you're assessing. With our flexible, data-driven interface, fund evaluation is now more straightforward than ever and can be applied to venture capital, private equity, and private credit analyses.

White Label Solutions

Allocate's white label custom solutions allow your firm to develop customized offerings. Utilizing our comprehensive technology, your firm can effortlessly create custom portfolios or manage individual asset opportunities, bypassing the complexities of vehicle creation, client onboarding, reporting, and administration

Join the Allocate platform today to elevate your wealth advisory services with our comprehensive platform, diligence and analytics tools, and custom solutions.
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