Allocate Closes $10MM in Strategic Capital and Adds Key Personnel to Modernize Investment in Venture Capital

Invest in venture capital without limits.

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With Allocate, unlock access to a curated network of exclusive investment opportunities in the private markets. Empower your investment strategy with comprehensive tools for due diligence, portfolio optimization, and expert guidance, gaining a competitive edge in today's dynamic investment landscape.

Allocate by the Numbers

As of november 2023

committed by clients through the platform


years of collective venture capital experience


fund manager relationships


managers and co-investment strategies



Building a venture portfolio doesn’t have to be complex.

Venture capital, fueled by the explosive growth of the innovation economy, represents a compelling investment opportunity for all types of investors. Yet, constructing a high-quality, diversified portfolio remains challenging, even for the most seasoned investors.

A significant time commitment required to identify and evaluate managers.

The necessity of extensive networks to unearth and gain access to the most promising opportunities.

Prohibitive manager minimums that limit access or decrease the ability to diversify.

The lack of tools for informed assessment of opportunities and portfolio health.

The persisting inefficiencies of traditional private market transactions.

At Allocate, we're changing the game. We offer an extensive suite of tools and services designed to break down these barriers, granting you unmatched access to insights, networks, and opportunities. With Allocate, you're empowered to craft a personalized, world-class portfolio without bounds.

Experience the future of venture capital investment with Allocate. Empower your investment journey, unlock new opportunities, and shape your financial future.
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RIAs & Private Banks

Bring the innovation economy to clients. Differentiate your firm by responsibly and frictionlessly bringing one of the most exciting and highest returning asset categories to your clients.

Family Offices & Individuals

Enhance your venture capital investment approach with Allocate. Supported by our team of experts, leverage our strategic suite of market insights, network, and curated opportunities to optimize your investment portfolio.

Our Solutions

Offerings Platform

Explore Allocate's platform to make your venture capital investment process simpler and more efficient. Access exclusive investment opportunities and manage your portfolio with convenience, all in one location.

Diligence & Analytics

Our content is designed to provide users with valuable, data-driven insights. Benefit from Allocate's sophisticated analytics tool that simplifies fund evaluation.

Custom Solutions

Tailor your venture capital experience with Allocate's custom solutions. Our custom solutions allow you to create and manage a portfolio that fits your specific goals, ensuring your investments stay in line with your financial and personal objectives.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the sector, we’ve never believed that limitations of the private markets should exist, which is why we started Allocate.

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